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BMG Production Music

Production Music 2019

I’m currently working on a solo guitar album to be published by BMG Production Music.




Production Music 2019

Logos is my upcoming album for production music to be published by Velvet Green Music for their Artist Series.

Album Concept: Dramatic and Romantic themes for classical guitar and small orchestra for Documentaries, Films, TVs and Ads.

Album Copy (Description): In a world where the individual has been forgotten, one has to gain awareness and understanding of one’s unconscious mind and truth. Only by the exploration of the inner nature, and confronting contradictions, the individual can acquire self-knowledge and understanding of his/her human nature. Program these tracks when you require uplifting, dramatic and romantic themes for documentaries, films, TVs and Ads.

Safe To Assume

Short Film 2019

Director: Sandy Mckellar

safe to assume.jpg

Jan Jaruka

TV/Web Series 2019

Flick 7 Productions

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Feature Film 2019

soundtrack completed!!!


Master copy ready for upcoming original motion picture soundtrack album.

Producers signed up with sales agent to find distributors.

COS_album cover_web_v2.0_LRG.jpg

original motion picture soundtrack

Promotional copies for reviews and filmmakers.